The J Stanley-Owusu Group has its roots in 1961, when it operated for a while as J Stanley-Owusu Contract Works supplying raw materials for construction.  The first affiliate company of the group, J Stanley-Owusu & Company Limited, was established on 11 July 1964 and incorporated on 4 February 1970, pioneering Ghanaian waste management, and leading the way in the development of the industry. The visionary and hardworking entrepreneurship of the Chairman and CEO, J Stanley-Owusu, motivated him to continue to add value, expanding nationwide in all aspects of developmental initiatives - public health and safety, construction and related activities, hydrological engineering, mining, real estate and hospitality - to support nation building through the establishment of purpose-driven affiliate companies. We continue to build on that legacy, driven by the desire to do right for today and tomorrow.

Our service offering covers:


JSO's integrated waste management capability features the recovery of important recyclable materials such as glass, paper and metals from the household waste stream to assist local communities in meeting government targets. We work with customers to find best value integrated solutions which put the delivery of recycling and landfill diversion targets at the heart of their waste management options. We also manage a network of household waste recycling sites on behalf of our Metropolitan, Municipal and District assemblies. These sites are the first port of call for members of the public in recycling and disposing of bulky items and household waste, which is then reused to add value to the local community's waste management strategy.


The balance between landfill disposal, existing and new forms of waste treatment is changing rapidly. With this in mind we recognise that the conversion into a valuable secondary resource is vital. At JSO we are helping our customers make this change as more and more waste will be recycled over time. Value will be gained from the recycled waste, where gases are extracted in order to generate energy. Throughout this period of change, JSO is committed to providing a landfill disposal service for residual waste in a safe and responsible manner.

Waste Treatment

JSO is dedicated to waste treatment and management, and is able to respond to the needs of its commercial customers, governmental bodies and the general public for the treatment of hazardous and problematic wastes.


Our clients include private companies, financial institutions, hospitals, mines, governments (including Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies), and the general public. They are based across many regions of the country. Clients turn to JSO for its complete platform of waste management services and its reputation for seamless execution.


Our clients look to us to bring them innovative insights and solutions in waste management to meet their strategic needs. So in return, we bring together the most talented people. We learn about the challenges confronting our clients, the environment, industry and society now and in the future. We help shape the debate on the issues faced in managing waste effectively, developing the expertise and resources needed to deliver practical and intelligent advice.

Mission & Vision Statement

At JSO, we believe in carrying out a "first-class service in a first-class way". By ensuring our company and our employees maintain the highest ethical standards in support of clients, we have remained among the country's most trusted and respected organisations. Our clients appreciate that we understand their needs and act in their best interest.


Along with our reputation, our people are our most valuable asset. We believe no barrier should inhibit an individual from performing to his or her full potential. Our focus on partnership, our emphasis on trust, and our desire to constantly perform better, also helps us attract like-minded colleagues from the broadest, most intelligent talent pool. We hire people who are driven to perform, who keep their word and who hold themselves to the highest standards.


We understand that our collective diversity is our strength and are committed to creating an inclusive organisation where everyone can succeed based on merit. We hire and develop people with unique experiences and diverse backgrounds because we believe that this is a fundamental part of strengthening our global business capabilities.


Our values are reflected in the way that we conduct our business and in the results that we consistently achieve for our clients. We believe that communities will benefit as we do the right thing for our clients.